Appy Times!



Owl Know How has gone digital!
We’ve reconfigured our fluffy tale for iPad. Not only have we made a moving, talking musical version of the story but you can find out how we made everything and have easy access to the Owl Know How movie. It’s full of stop-motion animated scenes and lovely tunes. Cat and Isobel are the narrators. You can find it by searching Owl Know How in the the iTunes store, or follow this link. We hope you like it!
We also have some other things to report – since we have another book on the way we thought we’d put up an umbrella and call ourselves Soft Stories. We hope you still recognise us!
You can still find everything Owl Know How in the same place for now but we also have a new site in production. Check out where you can see a bit of information about our forthcoming book Too Much for Turtle. 
We’ll be back with more news of Too Much for Turtle book events and launches very soon!
Thanks for reading!
=^-^= {OvO}

Posted: Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 @ 8:37 am
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