The Re-Porpoising Plant at Grand Central

It’s only early in the year, but the cogs are already in motion on a brand new Soft Stories factory!

In January we were given the brief to think up a fictional factory that would entertain all the kids who visited Grand Central shopping centre in Toowoomba for the Easter Holidays. We put on our thinking caps. What could our new fictional factory make? And more importantly, how could this factory make a difference?

Let us present to you The Re-Porpoising Plant!


The Re-Porpoising Plant takes your recyclables and re-purposes them…into porpoises! Allow this little infomercial to explain further:

Through a journey of fictional factory mechanisms, bottles become bodies, coffee cups become flippers and scrunched up paper powers the whole thing.

While the plant is a fun and fictional journey, it also addresses the importance of recycling. If we can recycle our rubbish instead of letting it infiltrate our oceans then perhaps we can save a porpoise, and all the other living things under the sea.

We recruited the very capable Jem from Like Butter to build the factory and its mechanisms, Sharnay from All Of This constructed the cardboard structures and gave it all a lick ‘o’ paint, and Amanda May-Lee came on board as plush porpoise extraordinaire as well as general textile wizard. It was all pulled together by the great people at Engage at Designo. What a team! We’re really grateful to Team Porpoise for doing such an excellent job in bringing our Re-Porpoising plant to life.



If you’re in the Toowoomba area and able to visit Grand Central, you can clock on and become a fictional factory worker. Visit all of our factory contraptions, like this octopus stamper:

Once you make it to the end, make sure to visit the seal for your Seal of Approval!

There are other activities to partake in, such as designing your own factory and taking a selfie with a porpoise, and also a competition to be won! Visit the Grand Central website for a full run down of times and details.


If you get the chance to visit The Re-Porpoising Plant these school holidays, please tag #softstories so we can join in the fun!

Posted: Friday, April 7th, 2017 @ 4:36 pm
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